Schedule & Pairings

Tuesday, June 6
Participants Arrival
Wednesday, June 7
Team Practice Rounds 9:00a.m. (1 and 10)
Arnold Palmer Cup Junior Clinic 4:00p.m. - Autographs starting at approximately 5:00p.m.
Thursday, June 8
Arnold Palmer Cup Collegiate - Am 9:00a.m. Shotgun Start
Opening Ceremony 5:30p.m.
Friday, June 9
Morning Foursome Matches 7:30a.m, 7:44a.m., 7:58a.m., 8:12a.m., 8:26a.m.
Match 1: Sam Burns/Chandler Phillips (USA) vs Rory Franssen/Stuart Grehan (Europe) 7:30a.m.
Match 2: John Coultas/Jimmy Stanger (USA) vs Viktor Hovland/Kristoffer Ventura (Europe) 7:44a.m.
Match 3: Nick Hardy/Norman Xiong (USA) vs Harry Ellis/Harry Hall (Europe) 7:58a.m.
Match 4: Sean Crocker/Doug Ghim (USA) vs Fredrik Nilehn/Hannes Ronneblad (Europe) 8:12a.m.
Match 5: Maverick McNealy/Collin Morikawa (USA) vs Richard Mansell/David Wicks (Europe) 8:26a.m.
Afternoon Four-Ball Matches 1:30p.m, 1:45p.m., 2:00p.m., 2:15p.m., 2:30p.m.
Match 6: David Wicks/Richard Mansell (Europe) vs Sam Burns/Chandler Phillips (USA) 1:30p.m.
Match 7: Kristoffer Ventura/Viktor Hovland (Europe) vs Jimmy Stanger/John Coultas (USA) 1:44p.m.
Match 8: Stuart Grehan/Rory Franssen (Europe) vs Norman Xiong/Nick Hardy (USA) 1:58p.m.
Match 9: Hannes Ronneblad/Fredrik Nilehn (Europe) vs Sean Crocker/Collin Morikawa (USA) 2:12p.m.
Match 10: Harry Ellis/Harry Hall (Europe) vs Doug Ghim/Maverick McNealy (USA) 2:26p.m.
Saturday, June 10
Singles Matches 9:00a.m., 9:10a.m., 9:20a.m., 9:30a.m., 9:40a.m., 9:50a.m., 10:00a.m., 10:10a.m., 1.0:20a.m., 10:30a.m
Match 11: Norman Xiong (USA) vs Richard Mansell (Europe) 9:00a.m.
Match 12: Doug Ghim (USA) vs Harry Hall (Europe) 9:10a.m.
Match 13: Jimmy Stanger (USA) vs Harry Ellis (Europe) 9:20a.m.
Match 14: Nick Hardy (USA) vs David Wicks (Europe) 9:30a.m.
Match 15: Sam Burns (USA) vs Stuart Grehan (Europe) 9:40a.m.
Match 16: Collin Morikawa (USA) vs Rory Franssen (Europe) 9:50a.m.
Match 17: Maverick McNealy (USA) vs Viktor Hovland (Europe) 10:00a.m.
Match 18: John Coultas (USA) vs Kristoffer Ventura (Europe) 10:10a.m.
March 19: Sean Crocker (USA) vs Fredrik Nilehn (Europe) 10:20a.m.
Match 20: Chandler Phillips (USA) vs Hannes Ronneblad (Europe) 10:30a.m.
Sunday, June 11
Singles Matches 9:00a.m., 9:12a.m., 9:24a.m., 9:36a.m., 9:48a.m., 10:00a.m., 10:12a.m., 10:24a.m., 1.0:36a.m., 10:48a.m
Match 21: Norman Xiong (USA) vs Harry Hall (Europe) 9:00a.m.
Match 22: Doug Ghim (USA) vs Stuart Grehan (Europe) 9:10a.m.
Match 23: Jimmy Stanger (USA) vs Viktor Hovland (Europe) 9:20a.m.
Match 24: Nick Hardy (USA) vs Harry Ellis (Europe) 9:30a.m.
Match 25: Sam Burns (USA) vs Kristoffer Ventura (Europe) 9:40a.m.
Match 26: Collin Morikawa (USA) vs Fredrik Nilehn (Europe) 9:50a.m.
Match 27: Maverick McNealy (USA) vs Rory Franssen (Europe) 10:00a.m.
Match 28: John Coultas (USA) vs Richard Mansell (Europe) 10:10a.m.
Match 29: Sean Crocker (USA) vs David Wicks (Europe) 10:20a.m.
Match 30: Chandler Phillips (USA) vs Hannes Ronneblad (Europe) 10:30a.m.
Closing Ceremony 30 minutes after the conclusion of Singles Matches